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Sponsor a Student!
At every participating school, there are always students who can’t afford to enroll in one of our arts programs. A part of our charitable giving is to provide need-based scholarships to students whose families show a financial hardship and cannot enroll their child to the arts enrichment programs held during the school year. Be our partner in giving a student an opportunity to experience the arts! The cost for each student to attend our arts enrichment programs at participating schools varies between $100.00 – $300.00 100% of any amount donated will go towards our “Need-Based” Scholarship Fund.

Sponsor our “On The RISE” Students!
“On the RISE” Scholarships are awarded to students who have consistently shown exceptional dedication and ability to one of the specific art forms during our year round program at participating schools. This scholarship is for either the Summer Intensive Program or Extended Learning Opportunities.

Our summer program will range from one to two weeks of intensive study and practice that will focus on improving the student’s skill and talents in their art form. Our Extended Learning Opportunities can be a trip, conferences, festivals, conventions, competitions, etc. These various extended learning opportunities are a way to expose RISE Beyond students to other organizations that also specialize in the three specific art forms—Performing Arts, Martial Arts and Media Arts. Through these experiences, RISE Beyond students will gain supplemental learning and networking opportunities with other teachers and industry professionals, helping them develop relationships for future projects and employment.

The cost for each student to attend one of our summer intensive programs and/or extended learning opportunities varies between $500.00 – $1,000.00 100% of any amount donated will go towards our “On The RISE” Student Scholarship Fund.

  • Make A One-Time Donation
  • Setup A Recurring Monthly Donation


See someone that needed help today but you simply couldn’t get to it? Well now’s your chance to make it up! Ha, just kidding! But really, we do appreciate a good pair of helping hands. There are just some things that are done better with giving and willing hearts. And that’s where you come in. These are some areas where we need volunteers. If you are interested in an area or two, please email us at

• Bring RISE Beyond to your school
• Assist a Class
• Organize or promote our events
• Research grants, resources and creative materials
• Hold a fundraiser event
• Edit Music Videos/30-60 second commercials



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You know when you see one of those movies that you can’t stop talking about? You comment on Facebook, you tweet, you share the trailers, you post on Instagram…the possibilities are endless. Well, we would appreciate that too! We all know that one of the best ways to advertise is through word of mouth. And right now, we need you to create a buzz. Visit us on Facebook, post on Instagram #RISE Beyond #GroundBreakers and share our videos. Spreading the word will help us achieve our mission. Your efforts will RISE beyond your imagination.

Our Partner Charities

Passport 2 Freedom

PROBLEM: In the Favelas (slums of Rio de Janeiro), young boys are recruited by drug mafias to work as heavily armed soldiers, protecting their illegal drug trade. More than 80% of child soldiers do not live past their 21st birthday. Thousands of girls are enslaved into the sex trade & prostitution by high ranking soldiers. Many end up in teenage pregnancy as a result.

SOLUTION: Building a safe home/help center which will provide access to public health services, a computer center, social education & arts programs.

ACTION PLAN: RISE Beyond students will have the chance to collect hygiene bags & first aid kits that will be sent directly to the safe home.

Children’s Hunger Fund

Poverty is a serious issue in America. More than half of all poor children in the U.S. live in 8 states—Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Florida & Georgia. One out of every 7 people in the U.S. has trouble putting food on the table.

SOLUTION: Bringing direct help by delivering a FOOD PAK (20lb box of food) is the most effective way to care for a needy family. By delivering boxes of food directly to someone’s home, volunteers build relationships with those they serve & get a better picture of the individual’s complete needs.

ACTION PLAN: RISE Beyond students will have the chance to fill up a FOOD PAK that will be delivered straight to a needy family’s home by CHF’s volunteers.


PROBLEM: Human Trafficking is the 3rd largest source of revenue for organized crime & is a multi-billion dollar business, expected to surpass the drug & weapons trade. Every inhabited continent is affected by it including the US. However, more people are affected in poverty laden areas such as Southeast Asia and South America.

SOLUTION: Prevention by educating those who are the most vulnerable to this crime, intervention by deploying teams to rescue those who are trafficked & after care by providing a safe home & education to rehabilitate the victims.

ACTION PLAN: RISE Beyond students will have a chance to be involved in Zoe’s “Kids Helping Kids” program. Students will collect quarters to fill up a small tube that will be sent directly to Zoe’s Children Home in Thailand.

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